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VietFit - Pro

VietFit-Pro will bring you different experiences with modern design. At the same time, improve physical mobility and create professionalism for the outdoor fitness area. We have a wide range of excellent fitness equipment suitable for cardio, fitness, and body fat loss exercises.

Outdoor Fitness Station

Outdoor Fitness Station’s line of outdoor fitness equipment will provide maximum support in promoting, training, and toning muscle groups. It helps the practitioner improve endurance and increase physical activity the most. Viet Fit’s equipment is very diverse, suitable for different muscle groups, and can be used easily by practitioners aged 14 and over.

Classic Style Fitness

Classic Style Fitness is a line of outdoor fitness equipment with basic exercises, so it’s simple and easy to use when exercising. Our products are designed to increase endurance and build boost fitness levels for people of all abilities. We have various outdoor fitness equipment, from specialized cardiovascular equipment to multifunctional equipment for low impact or calisthenic training.

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  • No 38 Ven Ho Ha Dinh street, Ha Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • (024) 66 733 777 – (024) 66 739 777
  • 0868 77 3737 – 0765 067 067 – 0778 067 067