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Viet Fit’s outdoor fitness equipment is designed and developed by us according to the highest quality standards. In particular, we prioritize and evaluate product quality through two essential criteria: Durability and the Lifespan of fitness equipment.

Viet Fit uses modern manufacturing technology and materials of the best quality to ensure long service life. We also recommend that users check their equipment every three months for safety and longer life.

We always strive to ensure the best outdoor sports equipment for users and customers to practice and invest in.


To implement the quality policy, we commit to:

·       Satisfying the most satisfactory requirements of customers.

·       Investing in machinery, equipment, and supporting tools to improve quality and diversify products and services.

·       Expanding the market to major cities across the country.

·       Training to improve the capacity of the staff.

·       Providing adequate resources to meet the needs of the quality management system.

·       Maintaining and continually improve the quality management system processes.

The quality policy is established to meet the requirements of International Quality Standards. All employees of 067 Company understand and strictly follow this quality policy.

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  • No 38 Ven Ho Ha Dinh street, Ha Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • (024) 66 733 777 – (024) 66 739 777
  • 0868 77 3737 – 0765 067 067 – 0778 067 067