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Indispensable outdoor fitness equipment at the park

There are many types of outdoor fitness equipment at the park, such as treadmills, waist trainers, arm exercise machines, and full-body muscle trainers, to help you improve your health and improve your physique quickly if you practice regularly. Let’s find out the most popular and indispensable equipment in today’s parks.

Sports training improves resistance, training the body and losing weight, and keeping fit. In particular, exercising outside the park also helps you breathe fresh air or interact with friends and people living in the same neighborhood. Therefore, the following sports equipment is always used a lot by people at the parks.

  1. Walking equipment

It is the outdoor fitness equipment that many people choose for daily exercise. Popular types of treadmills can be mentioned as aerial walkers, hand shakers.

The advantage of this exercise machine not only helps you move your body but also helps increase the oxygen flow in the cartilage, strengthens the ligaments around your joints. Therefore, an aerial walker is a solution to protect bones and joints, improve health effectively.

VIET FIT-91011

Using these devices is also very simple. Anyone can easily do a walker by:

  • Use both hands to grasp the handrails, both feet on the footrest firmly.
  • Bring one foot from front to back, then back as if you were walking on the ground.
  • Focus on breathing each step evenly.
  1. Waist rotation exercise equipment

The waist trainer is a device that has become familiar to many people. This device does not require skill and effort to help you quickly lose fat for a slim waist. From there, allowing the practitioner has a compact, toned second round. A single waist-twisting machine is designed for up to three people to exercise at the same time.


The waist sewing machine is suitable for all ages, from children to adults; the elderly can be used at the park with the following operations:

  • Stand up on a standing desk with both hands firmly on where the hands are placed.
  • Use your waist to rotate the left and then to the right continuously to melt fat in the second round.
  1. Cycling equipment

Another type of machine that most people love in outdoor sports equipment is the bicycle machine. This device comes in the form of a stationary bike, helping you move your body, improve health and effectively tone your thigh muscles. Today’s two most popular models include a single-person bicycle machine and a multi-purpose bicycle machine for two people.

VIET FIT-91028
  1. Outdoor hand exercise equipment in the park

The hand exercise machines have the effect of toning the hand muscles, making the hands more flexible and supple. Using this machine is also very simple:

  • Put your hand on the steering wheel of the machine, then turn your hand to the left and then to the right like driving a car.
  • Breathe regularly for the most effective exercise.
VIET FIT-92005
  1. The barbell equipment for shoulder, chest, hand exercises

If you are looking for outdoor fitness equipment to exercise your shoulders and chest muscles at the park, you cannot ignore the barbell machine. The barbell machine in the plot helps stretch the spine, develop height for teenagers and effectively tone the chest, shoulders, and arms. A barbell machine is usually for up to two people.

VIET FIT-91042
  1. Full body muscle training equipment

Another product at the park for those who want to work for multiple muscle groups at once. Regular exercise with a full-body exercise machine is suitable for your cardiovascular system, preventing many diseases and improving your physique if used correctly.

  • Sit on the device, grab the two front handles with both hands.
  • Both feet rest firmly on the two bottom pedals.
  • Use both hands to pull the bar back while straightening your legs and leaning back.
  1. Outdoor abdominal, back training equipment

Many people have chosen to do abdominal exercises that combine their backs with a half-circle exercise machine at the park to get rid of back fat, belly fat, and waist. How to use this machine is as follows:

  • Sit on the abdominal exercise machine, legs hook into the footrest position.
  • Hands on the back of the neck. Keep your back straight and your eyes looking straight ahead. Slowly lean back until your back forms a 150-degree angle to the ground. Hold this position for about 1-2 seconds and then return to the original position. Remember to use the force from the abdominal muscles, not the leg or arm muscles, in this movement.

Repeat this movement 15-30 times. Then, pause for 30-60 seconds and continue with the next set. This exercise will help you quickly have firm abs and a slim waist.

VIET FIT-91014

Above is a summary of the most popular outdoor fitness equipment today. In addition to the above products, equipment such as single bar, double bar, rowing machine, and waist training machine are also handy.

It’s time to exercise for health! Let’s practice with Viet Fit to become healthier and stronger than ever. Using our fitness equipment is safe, and with a variety of exercises, Viet Fit will bring excitement even when you practice outdoors.

If you want to know more information, please get in touch with us to discover unique and new products of Viet Fit!

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