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Are you doing the right exercises with the sit-ups?

Tummy tuck equipment is outdoor sports equipment that will do very well during abdominal exercises and excess fat training. Some post-workout notes will make your workout more effective without losing too much energy.

Don’t forget to warm up.

Before practicing with the abdominal exercise machine, you need to warm up your whole body to balance the functional state of the internal organs with the function of the motor organs, thereby maximizing the working capacity of the muscles body. Whether it’s training with any sport, warm-up is also an indispensable part.

By simple movements such as the waist, standing up and sitting down, running in place, the wrists, ankles, knees, shoulder joints, and neck joints are more supple and flexible to help the abdominal muscles move better.

Don’t do an abs workout first.

In weight loss exercise, in the first 20-30 minutes, sugar is prioritized for energy, and fat will be consumed. Therefore, it is most effective to combine with other full-body exercises in the first 2/3 of the training session and spend the last 1/3 of the time focusing on abdominal exercises on the machine or below. Floor.

In addition, if you do abdominal exercises from the beginning of the training session, your abs will be tired, so it will be challenging to maintain the training session with other movements.

Variety of crunches

When doing abdominal exercises, you should focus on the abdomen and diversify the bending movements in muscle groups at other angles, such as oblique muscles (intercostals), lower back muscles.

Elimination of PSOAS muscle involvement in abdominal exercise

The lumbar muscle is located deep in the abdomen, so it has no aesthetic effect on the abdominal muscles. Moreover, when doing abdominal exercises with the participation of the PSOAS muscle, it will make the abdominal exercise more tiring.

To eliminate this muscle involvement, you need to make sure the abs are curled, the back flexing with the abs when crunching. Because when the back is straight, the lower back muscles work the most. Not only that, too straight back when doing abdominal exercises is also easy to injure.

Combined with breathing

Breathing during exercise is an important technique that helps increase endurance, health and helps increase exercise efficiency, especially when breathing is also a way to exercise abdominal muscles.

When doing abdominal exercises or practicing any sport, it is essential to remember the principle of breathing in through your nose (blown belly out) and out through your mouth (inhaling belly). When the muscle is tense to use force, inhale slowly for 2 to 3 seconds. When the power is stretched, breathe faster for about one second.

It’s time to exercise for health! Let’s practice with Viet Fit to become healthier and stronger than ever. Using our fitness equipment is safe, and with a variety of exercises, Viet Fit will bring excitement even when you practice outdoors.

If you want to know more information, please get in touch with us to discover unique and new products of Viet Fit!

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